Fencing Organizations
FIE International Fencing Federation, in French.  NEW SITE includes English version.

Local Activities
Relevant Sports Sites
USOC  official web site of the United States Olympic Committee
United States Anti-Doping Agency  The official and authoritative site on doping in Olympic sports.  Includes downloadable Restricted Substances Medical Form and guide to prohibited and restricted substances
General Interest
Special Interest
Armoury Monash University Fencing Club guide, especially strong troubleshooting section
Armoury College  see National Coaching Development site below
Fencing Master  Overview of the fencing coach from earliest times to present
Vendors Equipment vendors who are Corporate Members of the USFA with contact information and links to their web sites
Veteran Fencing
Veteran Fencing USFA Veterans Committee site
European Veteran Fencing  European Veterans Committee site
National Veteran's Association British Veterans Committee site
Wheelchair Fencing
Youth Fencing
Surfing Aids
Historical Texts
AEMMA's Online Library Downloadable manuscripts on fencing and swordplay from the 11th century to contemporary sources.
His True Art of Defense - rapier fencing manual written in 1594 by Italian fencing master Giacomo di Grasse.
Other Links

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