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Welcome to ATAC Fencing/Pentathlon Club

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ATAC Fencing and Pentathlon Sport Supply
Providing the very best in Multi-Sport equipment
For information and to purchase contact:

ATAC Club Members

Open Training Ages 13 & up
Everyone is welcome

Youth and Beginning Training Ages 8 to 20
(includes group lessons and conditioning activities)

For more information contact us.

Whether you are new to pentathlon or an old hand at it, you are welcome to join us at the All Texas Athletic Center Fencing/Pentathlon Club in San Antonio, Texas.  Our fencers range from beginners to Olympians, and every level in between.  Our ages are just as diverse - from youth to veterans.  Come join us in training.

When We Train


Where We Train
A.T.A.C. meets in the Henrich Fencing Center on the campus of St. Anthony's High School, San Antonio, Texas

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