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The All Texas Athletic Center Fencing Club is operated by the All Texas Athletic Center, Inc.  The All Texas Athletic Center, founded in July 2002, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization operated by a Board of Directors with a special interest in developing amateur athletics in the greater San Marcos area. Neither members of ATAC nor anyone on the board may receive remuneration from the organization. All fees collected and donations made to the organization are dedicated to the growth of fencing in the community. Donations made to ATAC are fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.
Mission of ATAC
To promote amateur athletics throughout the greater San Marcos area. In order to accomplish our mission, ATAC will:
Sponsor a Fencing Club for the development of competitive and recreational fencers
Sponsor local fencing competitions
Sponsor a Pentathlon Club for the development of athletes interested in this demanding discipline
Sponsor community outreach programs ensuring exposure to the sports of Fencing and Modern Pentathlon
Establish and maintain a staff of qualified, nationally acknowledged Fencing and Modern Pentathlon coaches
Promote the values of discipline and sportsmanship
Vision of ATAC
During the formative years of ATAC, we will strive to increase the Fencing Club membership, search for sponsors and a suitable location where we can offer expanded hours of operation. Programs beyond the Beginner and Advanced levels such as Elite and Pre-Elite where students will train for National and Olympic competitions will be offered as soon as they are deemed viable.
The ATAC Board of Directors believes our coaching staff should be allowed to concentrate on the task of fencing. Therefore, the task of managing and operating the business is left to the Board of Directors. If you have any questions or concerns about the way business is done, please contact a member of the ATAC Board.
Current Board of Directors
John Moreau, President and Treasurer
Kyle Maysel, Secretary and Vice President
David Morris, Vice President