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Parents' Page

Fencing is a sport and it is supposed to be fun. We recommend that the young fencer establish his/her own fencing goals. The amount of effort from your child is up to her/him.
The staff and Board of Directors at ATAC try to support children in their attempts to achieve rather than to be victorious over someone else. Athletic achievement can have a significantly positive impact on the growth of the young fencer as she/he learns analogously from handling the obstacles presented in sport.
The instructional staff and management at ATAC are constantly attempting to mold a program that realistically stimulates and challenges your children. We ask that the parents refrain from "pushing" so that the fencing does not take on the overtones of "homework."
How a Parent Can Help Young Fencers
Besides following the recommendations above, we feel it is important for the parent to educate themselves about the sport of fencing.  The pages below are designed to provide you with that information.

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