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Coach Talk
Fellow ATAC Fencing Club members,

We are again sharing the Jowers Center with the Texas State Fencing Club.

The "Open Competitive" Session will be open to fencers 13 and older with permission of the head coach.  This session is completely serious in preparing fencers for competition at the highest levels and strict rules of behavior will be enforced.  There will be no horseplay allowed at any of the sessions by the fencers or spectators.  Fencing is a serious sport where the risk of injury is always present.  Pre-Competitive and Introductory Fencers are welcome to observe the Open Competitive sessions, but fencers, parents, siblings, and spectators are still bound by the behavior rules.  If you are fencing or not fencing, you will behave yourself.

Parents and young fencers.  Fencers are unique individuals.  Some are very gregarious and others very private.  Do not socialize with other fencers during practice time or competitions except to say hello or encourage them.  Many times fencers will use time between bouts in practice or competition to rest and plan what to work on in the next bout.  Please respect this and don't be offended if a fencer ignores you or asks not to be disturbed.  Many fencers are just trying to maximize their training time and concentrate on the tasks at hand.  There will be plenty of time for socializing after practice or competition.  At the same time if a coach or more experienced fencer gives you advice, LISTEN.  You don't have to follow the advice, just listen and process the information.   Along the same lines, Coaches and experienced fencers, please don't "over advice" our young fencers.  Just keep it simple!

At the present time we have quite a few strips available for open fencing.  There should be no problem getting up to fence. It is common courtesy to fence to 5 or 10 touches when there are fencers waiting to fence.  Five touches if there are a lot of people waiting.  One fencer gets down and the person who was waiting gets up and fences a bout and stays up to fence the next person waiting.  If you are waiting to fence, announce to the fencers on the strip that you wish to fence next.  That will require the fencers on strip to start fencing for touches if they have not already begun to keep score.

Failure to comply with conduct rules will result in suspension of open fencing privileges either temporarily or permanently with no refund of fees.  Please assist me in making ATAC a club that is renown not only for its competition results, but also as a model of sportsmanship and professionalism.

Yours in Fencing
John Moreau
Head Coach ATAC Fencing Club